Figure 2.

Hierarchical cluster analysis and principal component analysis of significantly differentially expressed miRNAs from the Pavlidis template matching analysis. (a) Unsupervised hierarchical cluster analysis of 43 significantly differentially expressed miRNAs between all autistic individuals (red bar) and controls (turquoise bar) shows the distinct miRNA expression pattern of the two groups (P < 0.05). The individual samples are coded as follows: AT, autistic twin; AS, autistic sibling; CT, control, undiagnosed twin; CS, control, nonautistic sibling; C_6a/b, nonautistic, monozygotic twins a and b. The same numbers following the sample descriptors indicate members of the same family. (b) Principal component analysis of the samples based on the same set of miRNAs reduces the dimensionality of the data and shows the clear separation between the autistic individuals (red) and the controls (turquoise).

Sarachana et al. Genome Medicine 2010 2:23   doi:10.1186/gm144
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